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Handmade from semi precious stones, each with their own natural healing characteristics, these energy bead bracelets can be worn singly or stacked!

  • Approx. 7″, strung on ultra-strong clear elastic cord
  • Amethyst: relieves stress, attracts positive energy, facilitates meditation, mental clarity, and inner truth
  • Amazonite: aids in maintaining optimum health, soothes emotional trauma, alleviates worry and fear, awakens compassion for others
  • Agate: improves concentration, relieves inner anger + tension + anxiety + headache, offers protection, helps with gut health
  • Labradorite: protects your aura, aids in digestion, banishes fears, helps with courage, lowers blood pressure, boosts metabolism
  • Druzy Quartz: headache relief, facilitates a positive mindset, balance, and provides an immunity boost
  • Turquoise: helps to prevent panic attacks, dispels negative energy, friendship + love stone, gut balancing 
  • Jasper: promotes tranquility, wholeness, wisdom and compassion, while absorbing negative energy.


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